New enamel cocktail rings that will make a statement

New enamel cocktail rings that will make a statement

So what do you think of enamel rings? Do you like them?

If you haven't already heard of enamel jewellery, then this may be the perfect time for you to invest in a few enamelled pieces that will see your through summer and beyond.

We sure do! They're amazing and we think there is nothing better than wearing them every single day! We love how they look on us and we are obessesed with our new enamel ring collection.

I personally love enamel rings because they are very cute and stylish. Enamel jewellery is beautifully crafted and it's one of those accessories that never goes out of style!

Plus, they look great with every outfit. There are many ways to wear enamel rings; you can wear them on your index finger or on your ring finger, but if you you want to add a little twist then there always is the option of wearing them as a necklace pendant.

Meet our enamel cocktail rings Cosmopolitan and Blue Lagoon that will make a statement and change the way you accessorise your looks, making sure that it's summer all year round.



These two elegant rings can be worn with almost anything giving you huge variety when it comes to how you wear them. These colourful rings will make your outfits much more interesting by adding a bit of edge and fun.

Check out our new cocktail ring collection! If you love enamel jewellery, these cocktail ring collection will not disappoint you! You cannot go wrong with enamel rings. They are perfect statement pieces to add to your accessory collection. 

Dazzling & Hypnotic has a fantastic range of enamel jewellery, so if you want to inject some colour into your outfits have a look at our store. Our selection of enamel jewellery will have you coming back for more! 

So what do you guys think? Are you already in love of enamelled pieces or would you rather invest in other kinds of jewellery pieces? Let us know in the comments below, we love to read your feedback!

And don't forget: if you want to stand out from the crowd, shop online at Dazlling & Hypnotic.

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