Obessed with our Sweet Mystery dichroic Murano glass ring

Obessed with our Sweet Mystery dichroic Murano glass ring

Glass rings are gaining following as trendy fashion accessorie. Wherever you go, whether it's on the red carpet or at an everyday department store, glass rings are splashed across magazines and TV screens everywhere.

Now, imagine a glass ring that changes color with the light... How about glass ring with gorgeous colors changing before your eyes! Our Sweet Mystery ring would be the most beautiful glass rings you have ever seen. It is made from dichroic Murano glass, which has been melted together to make the most amazing color combinations ranging from blue, white, black and diferent shades of purple. Resulting in a colorful glass ring that changes color dramatically depending on how the light hits it making it spectacularly different from any other glass ring.

Our glass rings is not only beautiful, but also durable meaning that this lovely item will last one heck of a long time! So there is no need to worry about our glass ring getting scratched or breaking. It is also waterproof so dont worry if you get it wet. Plus glass can be easily cleaned without leaving any residue that other types of jewellery may leave behind.

Every piece is handcrafted to perfection which means that each piece is unique like you. Please note that with every piece being handmade there may be slight variation between each glass ring so no two pieces will be exactly alike.

Our crystal ring is an ideal accessorie not only because of its high quality but it is also an eco-friendly product since it does not contain any material which can harm our environment (such as lead or plastic).

What makes our glass rings so attractive?

You may be wondering what exactly makes glass rings so attractive. Glass rings are the perfect fashion statement accessory; they are not only stunningly beautiful but also versatile enough to match any outfit you have in mind for your day. 

Whether it's a bachelor party, wedding day, first date or even just hanging out with the girls... No matter how you pair it with, it will always look good. Our dichroic glass ring will give you so many possibilities to express yourself! So wear our Murano glass ring for an unforgettable elegant & glamorous statement on your hand, wherever you go. 

A Murano glass ring is always a lovely gift idea because it is one of those items that just keeps on giving. A glass ring is a gift that will truly make a lasting impression on any woman no matter what the occasion is.

So if you're looking for glass ring that fits your style, look no further than Sweet Mystery ring!  What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a glass rings today and see how it will elevate your accesorizing game!


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