About Dazzling & Hypnotic

Dazzling & Hypnotic is a Netherlands based jewellery and accessories brand with a playful soul. We have a wide selection of bold and loud items for everyday wear to step up your accessorizing game and bring a brush of colour and happiness into your wardrobe. Our products are a reflection of our cheerful mood, fun personality, and obsession with colour.

Why Dazzlyng & Hypnotic

Dazzling & Hypnotic refers to something extremely bright and catchy for the eye. I wanted to create a brand that gathers colourful things that stand out and that can’t be found anywhere else that showcased my fun and playful personality. Nothing represents me better than bright, colourful, and mesmerizing accessories that make me smile when you look at them!

Brand Mission

Dazzling & Hypnotic goes beyond offering fun, fashionable and trendy accessories. Our brand revolves around freedom and self-expression. We are not only looking to make a statement, but we also want to bring out the uniqueness of every modern woman and make them feel more confident and powerful, while brightening up their everyday lives with our bold product assortment! We want to empower women to embrace themselves and dare to wear less conventional and more colourful pieces.

The D&H Girl

The Dazzling & Hypnotic girl is someone who shares the love for bold and unique accessories. Irradiates confidence and loves to showcase the world her uniqueness.
She is a free soul, cheerful, and creative in her core. She doesn’t care about what people think of her or what she wears.
For her, there are no limits neither rules on how to dress or clash colours. The way she dresses is a true representation of herself. She freely mixes and matches items to her mood, personality, and personal style. She believes there are no mismatched colours, just people afraid to embrace them. Because for her, colours are a way of expression that speaks louder than words.

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